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James T. Washburn,


As an author, I enjoy building rich worlds and complex characters - imperfect heroes and three-dimensional villains are my specialty. I tend toward fantasy and historical fiction, with an emphasis on romance; writing stories where queer/trans and disabled people are seen as real and desirable is deeply important to me.


I am best-known for my immersive novella Sealed with Honey, which achieved over 2500% funding and was named Kickstarter Project We Love and Featured Publishing Project in June 2021. The initial immersive run is being sent to more than 300 subscribers over the course of a year, and will be available in various compiled formats in Autumn 2022. Collaborators on the project include Marlowe Lune (illustrator & lithographer) and Alexandra Angelova (handwriting artist). 

I am currently working on a hybrid script/chapbook as a Hugo House Fellow.

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