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Queer Storyteller-Activist


In this powerful series of retellings of the Greek canon, a queer ensemble takes on the roles of Gods and mortals, heroes and villains, as they explore themes of identity, belonging, and Pride - or hubris. Devised by members of Magpie Artists' Ensemble; written & directed by James T. Washburn.


Briar/Rose is the age-old story of a fairytale Princess banished by an evil Queen, with a twist: the “Princess” is actually Briar, a young trans man just discovering his identity.


Magpie is seeking actors, singers, and musicians to fill two lead roles, as well as our Storyteller Ensemble. Queer and disabled performers, performers of color, and other historically excluded people are especially encouraged to audition.

PERFORMS: MAY 25-28 & JUNE 1-4 | 18th & Union, Seattle

Lowbrow Opera Collective's "More Than Friends"

Three one-act chamber operas from LGBTQIA+ contemporary composers and librettists come together to showcase the magic, poignance, and resilience of queer love. 

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